Leasing vs. Ownership

Why Leasing Sucks!

Our goal is to create value and long term savings with a plan to ownership. With our 20 year workmanship warranty on all systems, and the 25 year production and operation warranty offered on our premium panels, any benefits of maintenance and coverage typically sold as value for a lease plan are equaled on our path to ownership.

We would love to replace your utility bill with a loan to purchase the solar instead. Depending on customer preference for payment, a 10 or 15 year loan plan means at the end of the loan term you have no more payments and still have 10 to 15 years of warrantied power!! In fact the Panasonic panels are guaranteed to be at 86% of original production after 25 years. At that point, we could add a few panels to your system and keep you going for many years further.

Benefits of Owning

  • Path to no payment, warrantied power. This is not an option on a lease.
  • Can add a battery or generator to the system at anytime to be off grid as much as possible.
  • Keep the solar tax credit, or use it to pay down your loan. Tax credit is not available on lease or PPA.
  • Can add panels at the end of 25 years to cover any lost degradation.
  • No pulling off of panels once lease is complete, only option is to start over.
  • We do not use PACE or HERO loan products which may hinder your ability to refinance your home.
  • Our loans are not a lien on your home unless you default on your monthly payment.